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Moving Toward Life: Five Decades Of Transformational Dance (1995)
By Anna Halprin
$25.00 ($3.00 S/H in the U.S. - Varies in other countries)
Moving Towards Life brings together for the first time Anna’s essays, interviews, manifestos, and teaching materials, along with over 100 illustrations, providing a rich account of the work that radicalized an entire generation of performers.

Returning To Health With Dance Movement And Imagery (2000)
By Anna Halprin
$25.00 ($3.00 S/H in the U.S. - Varies in other countries)
Anna offers the wisdom of her life experience as a dancer, teacher, and facilitator for healing. She tells her own story as a cancer survivor and the stories of many others with deep compassion and clarity, from her own uplifting perspective. This book serves as a guide to understanding the emotional processes of a health crisis, as well as giving clear guidlines in the form of 10 different lessons plans for how to work with these insights.

Anna Halprin Experience As Dance (2007)
By Janice Ross
Forward by Richard Schechner

$40.00 ($3.00 S/H in the U.S. - Varies in other countries)
Soft Cover now available: $25.00

This first comprehensive biography examines Halprin’s fascinating life in the context of American culture-in particular, popular culture and the West Coast as a center of artistic experimentation from the Beats through the hippies. As she follows Halprin’s development from youth into old age, Ross describes in engrossing detail the artist’s roles as dancer, choreographer, performance theorist, community leader, cancer survivor, healer, wife, mother, grandmother and greatmother.


Returning Home (2003)
By Andy Abrahams Wilson
45 Minutes – DVD
$25.00 ($3.00 S/H in the U.S. - Varies in other countries))
Returning Home is a breathtaking and groundbreaking dance documentary in which 80-something Anna Halprin, pioneer of postmodern dance, uses movement as a means of connecting the individual to nature, and art to real life. In collaboration with performance artist Eeo Stubblefield, Halprin moves along thresholds of earth, wind, water and fire, discovering lessons in loss and liberation.

Embracing The Earth Dances With Nature (1995)
By Andy Abrahams Wilson

23 Minutes – DVD
$25.00 ($3.00 S/H in the U.S. - Varies in other countries)

Embracing the Earth shows dancers under the artistic direction of acclaimed dance artist, Anna Halprin, moving with the shapes, rhythms, and textures of nature. Intimate and meditative imagery transports us to a place where self and environment merges, to a point of understanding that the human body and the body of the earth are one and the same.

Remembering Lawrence
By Renee Peperone
$30.00 ($3.00 S/H in the U.S. - Varies in other countries)

“… a dance that is a tribute, a memorial, a ritual, a ceremony, a performance piece with audience participation, and a healing.” - Anna Halprin

In the Fever of Love is the first in a trilogy by post-modern dance pioneer Anna Halprin in memory of her late husband, landscape architect Lawrence Halprin, celebrating their 70-years of marriage and collaboration.

Remembering Lawrence, a film for Anna Halprin, invites the viewer to share in the process and performance of this provocative dance. Halprin draws on powerful sources: a live participatory audience; sacred text from the Biblical “Song of Songs;” the treasured outdoor dance deck designed for her by Lawrence nestled in a redwood grove adjacent to their home; intensely affectionate energy danced by Dana and Shinichi Iova-Koga; the mystical presence and vocalizations of Dohee Lee; the sharing of Lawrence’s wartime love letters read by Jim Cave; and, most importantly, a gallery of erotic drawings sketched by Lawrence for Anna some 60 years previous found only after his death.

Filmmaker Renée Peperone crafts an intimate journey into this twice performed event through quiet moments of movement, discovery, joy, and collaboration as we witness “…the various aspects… come together to create a love story and a healing.” – A.Halprin

Breath Made Visible
By Ruedi Gerber
80 Minutes – DVD
$25.00 ($3.00 S/H in the U.S. - Varies in other countries)
April 02, 2010 | By Allan Ulrich, Chronicle Dance Correspondent
Finally, as she approaches her 90th birthday, San Rafael-based modern dance pioneer Anna Halprin is honored with a documentary that reflects her wide influence and eternally questing spirit: "Breath Made Visible." Swiss filmmaker Ruedi Gerber's stirring, magnificently edited effort, mingling rare historic footage and contemporary material, should fascinate dance tyros. It may also inspire dance professionals to examine their artistic priorities.

The structure of the film, taking off from a sparky Halprin solo performance at New York's Joyce Theater, lends continuity. The interviews with colleagues are revealing, and the moments that Halprin shares with her famed landscape architect husband, Lawrence (who died in October), glow with a deep mutual affection. This, too, offers a life lesson irresistible in its appeal.

Festival D'automne A Paris (2004)
Center Pompidou Paris
By Ruedi Gerber

60 Minutes – DVD
$25.00 ($3.00 S/H in the U.S. - Varies in other countries)
Shown in this video of the performance: Parades and Changes (1965), Intensive Care; Reflection on Death and Dying (2000) and an impromptu site-specific promenade performance En Route (2004). The international company of musicians, composers, dancers, and designers created especially for the occasion testify both to her range of artists who have worked with her and their loyalty to her continuing creative interrogation of dance.

Seniors Rocking
By Ruedi Gerber
50 Minutes – DVD
$25.00 ($3.00 S/H in the U.S. - Varies in other countries)
Seniors Rocking was a performance created with over 50 local seniors from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Halprin chose a meadow by a lagoon for the performance site. The use of rocking chairs enabled everyone to participate. This simple tool evolved to symbolize the ongoing force or life force. The culminating moment in the film occurs when dancers leave their rocking chairs and walk hand in hand to the lagoon to send their legacies with the birds to carry out to the world.

My Lunch With Anna (2005)
By Alain Buffard
52 Minutes
$30.00 ($3.00 S/H in the U.S. - Varies in other countries)
When French choreographer Alain Buffard set out to create a film about the legendary American dance artist Anna Halprin, the pair staged a series of lunches on sites that were used for her performances in San Francisco, her famous dance deck in Marin County, the Berkeley Art Museum, and Stinson Beach. The result is a move away from the documentary form, instead is a dialogue between two dancers. The project became an extended interview with astonishing moments of exchange.

Right On/Ceremony of US
$20.00 ($3.00 S/H)
This extraordinary film documents the first days of rehearsal for the performance Ceremony of Us, a collaboration between Anna Halprin and Studio Watts, which took place at the Mark Taper Theatre in Los Angeles in 1969, and for which no final performance film exists.

In 1968 Ann Halprin simultaneously developed two companies, one in San Francisco of all white dancers, and another in Watts of all black dancers. After working separately for weeks the two groups came together to develop a highly controversial and politically groundbreaking performance. In a rehearsal process that was, in the words of Janice Ross “not so much a dance as a lived experiment” Halprin guided the two groups of dancers into experiences that both elicited and challenged racial stereotypes, creating a space where political and personal anger and despair could be expressed, and where reconciliation could be envisioned.

Though it captures only fragments of this process, which included extensive group and partnering processes, utilizing movement, speech, emotional and perceptual exploration, the film goes far in capturing the spirit of the performance.

Grandfather Dances (1996)
$15.00 ($3.00 S/H)
Powerful solo work in which Anna Halprin recounts a childhood story of watching her grandfather dance and sing the rituals of Hasidic Judaism.  Combining movement and storytelling, Halprin creates a vivid image of one of her first important encounters with the vitality and ritual of dance, offering the spectator a view into the familial and emotional roots of her process. This piece is as much an act of self-questioning as a performance; the result of more than seventy years of searching out movement that combines the authenticity of the everyday with the intensity and care of the sacred. In Halprin’s own words: “I’ve searched my whole life to find a dance that means as much to me as my grandfather’s dance meant to him.”

Inner Landscapes (1991)
A KQED Production
$25.00 ($3.00 S/H)
Documentary that tracks the parallel histories of Anna Halprin’s work as a dancer/choreographer and Lawrence Halprin’s work as a landscape architect. Pays particular attention to the reciprocal influence of the California landscape and culture on their work.  Featuring many experts in the fields of dance, architecture, and west coast history, as well as many of the artists, students, and friends who witnessed different moments in the development of the Halprin’s legacy, this thorough documentary offers a useful glimpse into the forces that shaped their work and their lives, and how they responded to and shaped those forces.

Spirit of Place (2009)
By Bruce Bagnoli

55 Minutes - DVD
30.00 ($3.00 S/H)
"When I designed Stern Grove, my intention was to create a mystical place where one would be inspired to reach into oneself. I wanted to design a living theater for everyone to use, a place where people can walk their dogs, picnic, mediate.  I wanted a place where lovers could meet and children could play.  Such everyday activities are incorporated in the dance choreographed by my wife, Anna."
- Lawrence Halprin
Stern Grove, San Francisco, May 3, 2009

In this unique performance, Anna has integrated her choreography through the same collaborative and collective process used in the design of this magnificent meadow, together with dancers and producers and all of the various people who have been involved with the evolution of this production.



Circle The Earth, Dancing With Life On The Line (1989)
Produced By Media Arts West And Anna Halprin
40 Minutes – DVD
$35.00 ($3.00 S/H)
A documentary of the 1989 healing dance by Anna Halprin and by people living with AIDS, ARC and HIV+ status along with their caregivers, supports and friends. One hundred people came together to form a community, confront their fears and express their anger, establish their hope, trust and love for one another, and create a group spirit of support and healing. The workshop process from which the performance developed is shown here as life affirming and uplifting.

Dance For Your Life/Ritual of Life and Death/Tree Dance
Steps Theatre Company For People Challenging AIDS (1986)
Directed By Anna Halprin
Produced By David Karp

32 Minutes – DVD
$20.00 ($3.00 S/H)
These candid videos document San Francisco Workshops Anna Halprin led in 1986 with a group living with AIDS. These workshops, conducted before the introduction of the first HIV drugs was one of the first of many art making healing processes that grew up in San Francisco in response to the AIDS epidemic in the 1980's and 90's. It is a potent example of how to take something so real, so subjective and so isolating and transform it to reveal its great collective and individual meaning. It is a tribute of this group's courage and creativity.

Positive Motion: Challenging Aids Through Dance And Ritual (1988)
By Andy Abrams Wilson
37 Minutes – DVD
$25.00 ($3.00 S/H)
Positive Motion is an exploratory dance group for men with HIV/AIDS. The video shows these men using the HIV crisis as a resource for creating dances that change the dancer. The video documents the first seven months of the group’s meetings. Positive Motion is about learning through dance what it means to want to live positively and with affirmation, and sharing that dire with others. Carry Me Home chronicles rehearsals and the performance which developed from the workshops for men with HIV/AIDS.

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