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ALERT - Planetary Dance - Parking OFFSITE - Arrive EARLY

Dear Friends,


REMINDER - NO parking at Santos Meadow this year* We are running Shuttle Vans to bring you from two nearby parking areas to Santos Meadow. SEE MAP BELOW.


LOT ONE: the large Parking Lot at Muir Beach on Highway 1: Arrive between 7:30 & 9 am for best, first come-first served availability.The shuttle begins service to Santos Meadow at 7:45 AM. 


LOT TWO: the large dirt turnout about 1.5 miles North of Muir Beach on Highway 1 (1/4 mile north of  Muir Beach Overlook). Shuttle begins service from 9 AM. 


10 AM at Santos Meadow - We'll provide snacks and beverages.

Barbara Borden and Friends will perform for us.


11 AM - Begin Preparation for Planetary Dance

FURTHER DETAILS:  See the MAP below for location of two PARKING OPTIONS. *There is some handicapped parking at the Meadow. Please reserve & direct questions to Russell 510-350-8840 (text or talk), or russellnbass@gmail.com See more info at Planetary Dance FACEBOOK: 






Making Dances That Matter

Resources for Community Creativity

New Book by Anna Halprin with Rachel Kaplan

Anna’s new book, Making Dances That Matter: Resources for Community Creativity, is now available. In this book Anna outlines how to bring people together to create dances that foster individual and community well-being. Focusing on her groundbreaking workshop for people living with AIDS, Anna includes dozens of scores that can be adapted to many other situations. In addition, she provides a step-by-step guide to her celebrated Planetary Dance, which promotes peace among people and peace with the Earth. Throughout Anna shows how dance can be a powerful tool for healing and mobilizing change, and she offers insights on facilitating groups. If we are to survive, she argues, we must learn, experientially, how our individual stories weave together and strengthen the fabric of our collective body. Generously illustrated with photographs and graphics, this book will be a boon to dance therapists, educators, and community artists of all types.


Wendy Perron, author of Through the Eyes of a Dancer, writes: “Anna Halprin is a pioneer of postmodern dance, a warrior for connecting arts to social issues, and a healer of individuals and communities. Here, in crystal clear prose, her wisdom of the-body-in-the-world tumbles out. Borrowing concepts from various cultural traditions, Halprin lays out the scores she has created over a long lifetime of exploring and transgressing. Her ability to integrate body, mind, and spirit is both soothing and exhilarating.”


To order click here


(Also available on Amazon)

Photo: Pak Han