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By Jacqueline Caux

These two engaging films—Out of Boundaries and Who Says I Have to Dance in a Theater—provide insights into Anna Halprin’s creative philosophy, teaching methods, and performances, serving as an informative follow-up to Ruedi Gerber’s Breath Made Visible. In lively conversations Anna articulates her ideas, describing the trajectory of her work, distinguishing her method from traditional choreography, clarifying her pioneering concept of task-oriented movement, and much more. In addition, there is footage from important past performances and revealing excerpts from the rehearsals for the 2004 performances at the Festival d’Automne in Paris. 

Trailer 1: http://www.jacquelinecaux.com/jacqueline/en/documentaire-out-of-boundaries.php

Trailer 2: http://www.jacquelinecaux.com/jacqueline/en/documentaire-anna-halprin.php

Out of Boundaries/Who Says... (2 DVDs: 60 Min)