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Books and DVDs on Anna Halprin


Books by and about Anna Halprin as well as films documenting her work are available from her shop.


Trailers for the following DVDs can be viewed online:


Breath Made Visible: Revolution in Dance/Anna Halprin by Ruedi Gerber


Returning Home: Moving with the Earth Body/Learning Lessons in Life, Loss and Liberation by Andy Abrahams Wilson


Embracing the Earth: Dances with Nature by Andy Abrahams Wilson


Remembering Lawrence: A Film for Anna Halprin by Renée Peperone


Seniors Rocking by Ruedi Gerber


Anna Halprin: Out of Boundaries by Jacqueline Caux


Anna Halprin: Who Says I Have to Dance in a Theater? by Jacqueline Caux


My Lunch with Anna by Alain Buffard


Anna Halprin: Dancing Life / Danser la Vie by Baptiste Andrien and Florence Corin for Contredanse


Anna Halprin: My Grandfather Dances by Douglas Rosenberg


Positive Motion: Challenging AIDS through Dance by Andy Abrahams Wilson


Selected Online Articles


California Historical Society, “The 50th Anniversary of L.A.’s Watts Riots: Anna Halprin and the Studio Watts Workshop,” blog, August 11, 2015


Anna Halprin, “God Must Be a Dancer,” Pew Center for Arts & Heritage blog, July 2015


California Historical Society, “Choreographing the Environment: The Counterculture of Anna and Lawrence Halprin,” blog, July 13, 2015


Sue Heinemann, “Anna Halprin: Redefining Dance at 95,” InDance, June 2015


Rob Sidon, Interview: Anna and Daria Halprin, Common Ground, May/June 2015


Rachel Howard, “95th Birthday Tribute to Anna Halprin, Postmodern Dance Pioneer,” San Francisco Chronicle, May 30, 2015


Alexandra Lange, “In California, a Marriage of Dance and Design,” New York Times, September 22, 2014


Emmaly Wiederholt, “A Way of Life: An Interview with Anna Halprin,” Stance on Dance, November 25, 2013


Patricia Maloney, “Interview with Anna Halprin, Part 2,” Bad at Sports, April 8, 2013


Patricia Maloney, “Interview with Anna Halprin, Part 1,” Bad at Sports, March 24, 2013


Jacquelynn Baas, “Life as Art: Anna Halprin” (interview), BAM/PFA blog, February 11, 2013


Ann Murphy, “Parades and Changes over the Past 43 Years: An Interview with Anna Halprin,” InDance, January 2013


Elisa Issacson, “Q & A: Anna Halprin on Parades and Changes,” BAM/PFA blog, November 14, 2012


Anna Halprin, Interview for Judson Dance Theater 50th Anniversary, Artforum, July 2012


Wendy Perron, “Teacher’s Wisdom: Anna Halprin,” Dance Magazine, August 2011


Caroline Ryder, “Anna Halprin: Demon Dancer,” Dazed, July 2011


Heidi Landgraf, “Feeding the Soul and Healing the Body through Dance,” Dance Studio Life, August 2009


Selected Online Videos


Anna Halprin Interviewed by Shinichi Iova-Koga, Part 1,” InkBoat, 2015


Anna Halprin Interviewed by Shinichi Iova-Koga, Part 2,” InkBoat, 2015


Anna Halprin on Planetary Dance,” filmed by Alex Nikiforof, 2014


80 Faces: Anna Halprin,” American Dance Festival, 2013


Portraits in Faith: Anna Halprin,” 2013


Anna Halprin on Parades and Changes at BAM/PFA,” 2013


Ken Dychtwald Interviews Anna Halprin,” Monday Media, 2012


Legacy of Wisdom: Anna Halprin, Mission,” 2012


“Legacy of Wisdom: Anna Halprin, Inner Doctor,” 2012


Anna Halprin and Jamie McHugh at Sea Ranch,” filmed by Rich Kuehn, 2011


Moving Legends: Anna Halprin in Conversation with Emilie Conrad,” Part 1 of 7, Continuum Movement, 2010


Anna Halprin Workshop for Movement Research,” Peter Richards, 2010


Anna Halprin: San Francisco Foundation Community Leadership Awards,” Citizen Films, 2010


KQED Spark: Anna Halprin,” 2009

Photo: Milton Halberstadt

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