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Photo: Rick Chapman

Currently there are no classes being offered. 

Thank you


Remembering the Body

Thursdays 9:30-12 noon

This class is for everyone who wants to explore the power of dance and discover new possibilities for expression. It is a time to just feel “good,” to go deep inside and find your own rhythm and style, to strengthen your body and expand your range of both movement and feeling, to tap into your creative impulses, and to have fun in interaction with others. When the weather permits, especially on Thursday mornings, classes may be held outdoors on the famed dance deck, providing an opportunity to work with the natural environment.


Regular attendance is recommended, but drop-ins are welcome. Four classes for $100, or $30 for a single class. All classes are held at Mountain Home Studio, Kentfield


Performance Lab

Wednesdays 6:30-9pm

This weekly lab focuses on scoring and performance skills. Participants create and perform in their own and others’ scores. Participation is by invitation only, but anyone interested may come and witness the activities.


Participants: $100 for four sessions, or $30 for one; witnesses: $15 per session. Call 415-461-5362 for more information on prerequisites for participation or email admin@annahalprin.org